Customer orientation:

AEROSOLES PREVAL wishes to be identified with high performance and the quality of their products, while the customer should be a key player in the business. The vocation of customer service should always accompany all business processes.







All aerosols packed in AEROSOLES PREVAL, S.A. are subject to strict controls in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Procedure, implemented in the company so that the resulting product is of the highest quality. AEROSOLES PREVAL was one of the pioneers in the implementation of a quality system for it has been certified since 1997.

Leadership and Continuous Improvement:

PREVAL AEROSOLES aims to be Spain's leading packaging company improving every day on the quality of their products and packaging as well as on better customer service, to become the packaging company of national reference.
Also, the new infrastructure and investments that are being undertaken in the company will allow us to tackle international packaging projects.

Passion for the product:

The product is another key aspect. Things done with passion are always more satisfying. The determination for a job well done and working passionately ensures that the company's packaging will be of the highest quality.

Teamwork and human value:

The human element, as cannot be otherwise, will be the third factor ensuring that the whole production process will comply with the highest quality standards. In AEROSOLES PREVAL we believe that people are crucial to the production process, so their motivation and teamwork orientation will be at the root of our success.

Environmentally friendly:

Respect for nature and the environment is a fundamental issue throughout the work of the Company complying at all times with the legally established regulations.



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