About Us

We firmly believe people are essential to achieving success Therefore, we strive to have a workforce that is not only highly qualified and experienced, but also motivated and united, thereby achieving top levels in quality, encouraging innovation in processes and products to reach market leadership.

First: R&D


The R&D department places us at the forefront of technical, safety and environmental developments in the aerosol market. Our laboratory formulates both contract products and our own to meet our clients’ needs. Likewise, it is willing to handle any administrative procedures of the records that have to be carried out.

Second, environment


We are a company committed to the environment and the sustainability of the planet. We perform regular tests on tank watertightness, and on the management, treatment and collection of waste by approved companies. We are members of Ecoembes (Green Dot) and we use approved raw materials.

Third, quality


Quality for us is more than just a goal, it is the passion that drives all our work. Certification in ISO 9001 since 1997, the recent update to Standard ISO 9001: 2015 with an extension of scope to cover the manufacturing, packaging and product development processes, along with recent certification Standard UNE EN- ISO 22716: 2008, are the real roadmap to achieving the maximum satisfaction of our clients. From product development and formulation, to the selection of suppliers, reception of goods, productive processes, final verification, dispatch and after-sales services—they all pass through the most exhaustive controls to verify compliance with established quality standards.

Quality seal Bureau Veritas